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  • Pushing Buttons

    Pushing Buttons

    In the studio this week, we’ve been working 100% in the new block-based editor evaluating 5.0 specific themes and block plugins. It’s been exciting testing out all of the new toys, but I’ve noticed a disturbing pattern, or perhaps the better description is a disturbing anti-pattern. While we couldn’t make buttons natively in the WordPress…

  • Native WordPress Blocks — The Audio Player

    Native WordPress Blocks — The Audio Player

    WordPress 5.0 shipped in December with a group of blocks on board that bring built in functionality for users. During WordCamp US 18 Contributor Day, the design team evaluated potential blocks for future development. The native WordPress Audio Player Block can be used to display a simple audio player for podcasts using a hosting platform like Soundcloud…

  • A Better User Flow

    A Better User Flow

    Paid Memberships Pro Sponsored Members Add On allows an organization or individual to add or “sponsor” additional memberships in addition to the purchase of their original account. Out of the box the plugin does not allow for sponsored accounts to be added to the main account after the initial purchase. This is an often requested…

  • More Than Pretty

    More Than Pretty

    Presentation from WordCamp Lancaster 2018

  • Pure CSS Grid Layout with Sticky Navigation

    Pure CSS Grid Layout with Sticky Navigation

    This is a great solution when using a horizontal navigation to put the sub-menu items front and center for the user.

  • Single Page App Design

    Single Page App Design